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the sober bar

new jersey

go out without the hangover


soBar new jersey

When you take away the alcohol, what's left is the conversation.

soBar is the creator of sober pop-up experiences in New Jersey.

We organize parties and live events at various locations in the southern New Jersey area,

allowing people the opportunity to be social and have fun, without alcohol. 

Our ultimate goal is to open a permanent location. Until then, enjoy our pop-up experiences!



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soBar's mission is to create safe spaces for people to enjoy a night out, without alcohol. We create the atmosphere of a nightclub, while promoting healthy living.

soBar's events are a perfect way to meet new people and enjoy a night out, without drinking. soBar is all inclusive. You do not have to be a sober person to attend our events; we just ask that you come to our events sober.


let's have fun, sober

Check out our events page to buy tickets to our upcoming sober experiences! 

Email us to apply to be the location host for one of our events.

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